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About Us

Sarathi Tech- Nurturing Creativity through Animation Education

At Sarathi Tech, we believe in the power of imagination and creativity. We are not just an institute; we are a gateway to a world where ideas come to life through the magic of animation. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Sarathi Tech stands as a beacon of learning and growth in the realm of animation education.

Whether you're an aspiring animator looking to launch your career or someone who simply wants to explore the fascinating world of animation, Sarathi Tech welcomes you to embark on a journey of artistic discovery. We are committed to providing an exceptional education that equips you with the skills and confidence to make your mark in the animation industry. Join us at Sarathi Tech and let your imagination take flight.

Why Choose Us ?

Your Vision, Our Passion

Expert Faculty

Our faculty consists of industry veterans and experienced educators who bring their real-world insights and expertise into the classroom, ensuring that our students receive practical, relevant, and up-to-date knowledge.

Flexible Learning

Our flexible learning approach empowers you to master animation at your pace, whether you're a busy professional, a student with diverse commitments, or an aspiring artist seeking self-paced growth.Choose when and where you learn.

Skill Evolution

Our dynamic courses are designed to keep pace with the ever-changing animation landscape. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced animator, our curriculum evolves to incorporate the latest tools and techniques.

Portfolio Powerhouse

Through our comprehensive curriculum and hands-on projects, you'll craft a dynamic portfolio that not only showcases your technical skills but also radiates your versatility, innovation and imaginative prowess.

Our Mission

Our mission at Sarathi Tech is to empower aspiring animators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to thrive in the dynamic world of animation. We are dedicated to fostering a vibrant learning environment where creativity knows no bounds, and students are encouraged to push their artistic limits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower aspiring animators to become pioneers of imagination, merging traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. By fostering innovation, collaboration, and global connections, we aim to shape the future of animation, creating a vibrant community of visionary artists who redefine artistic possibilities.

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