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Welcome to Sarathi Tech

Sarathi Tech is one of the leaders in the brand video marketing industry and a great launching pad for those who want to strengthen their brand presence in today’s competitive era. With more than 15 years of expertise in digital marketing, creation of explanatory videos, whiteboard animation videos, and 3D products, the company offers what its customers desire.

Sarathi Tech, as a leading digital marketing and explanatory video company, has seen endless growth due to our work ethic and desire for excellence. In addition to making brand animated videos, we also provide excellent web design development and video marketing services to our customers. We explain your products/services by creating an engaging animated story that can capture the minds of your customers. All our services are aimed at expanding our business and customer revenue.


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Our most important objective is to determine and research our target market and then work for that market to be exposed to the desired visibility. We are here to provide quality and engaging videos of the rough concept presented by our customers.


Our goal is to provide professional and efficient video production services to our customers. We let the world understand their complex processes through their compelling storytelling videos. We not only work smartly to improve our performance and expand our market share, but also to increase our customer satisfaction to the desired level. We want our customers to trust us completely and to feel right through which we move our company forward.


We are here to express our opinion and bring something valuable back to the community !!
Sarathi tech uses a strategic marketing approach while delivering its services. We want to run our business within the framework of law and work ethic, which really matters what our customers want from us. Our company wants to be an honest storyteller for your brand through our attractive marketing promotional videos that can be very profitable for your business. Our goal is to become better known in the world of marketing and respond to all the specifications of our customers.